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Automatic Intelligent Autoclave Class B

Order code
MV+ 19-23Liter

Automatic Intelligent Autoclave Class B     

Model: MV+          


Main Feature:   

01. Automatic locking mechanism for the door

02. Display and control by high resolution 5 " color touch screen

03. Integrated printer for tractability of sterilization cycles 

04. USB port to save and download the recording of sterilization cycle

05. Sterilization temperatures 115℃, 121 ℃ and 134 ℃          

06. 4 preprogrammed cycles ,1- customized programmed cycle

07. With water quality monitoring system to protect machine

08. Stand-alone drying system; Drying time can be edited           

09. Built-in independent Steam generator to ensure the speed

10. Test vacuum test, Bowie&Dick, Test Helix

11. No opening of the door during the cycle; Ability to interrupt the cycle at any time

12. Malfunction detection and warning system, corresponding error code (F1-F19)


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