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Automatic vacuum Ultra-fast speed autoclave Class B

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01. Class B, Pre & post vacuum

02. LCD Display to show more working parameters                                                                     

03. Sterilization temperatures 115℃, 121 ℃ and 134 ℃          

04. 4 preprogrammed cycles ,1- customized programmed cycle

05. Integrated printer for tractability of sterilization cycles

06. Bowie-Dick test and vacuum test programs  

07. Automatic regulation of the temperature                               

08. Light at the beginning of the cycle; Sound indication of end of cycle

09. No opening of the door during the cycle; Ability to interrupt the cycle at any time

10. Malfunction detection and warning system

11. Safety functions: Auto-test program,over heat, over pressure, low water level indicator, safety door lock system present    



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