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Model: BR

Name: Automatic Vacuum Autoclave



Volume(Liter) Voltage Power(W) Chamber size(mm) Dimension(mm)
16L 220V/55Hz 1800 ¢230*360 520*470*385
18L 220V/55Hz 1800 ¢250*350 520*470*385
23L 220V/55Hz 1800 ¢250*450 620*470*385






1. LCD-display. With optional mini external printer
2. The autoclave meets EN13060, 93/42/CE and adopts European B standard
3. Three times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying, the vacuum measurement reaches -0.088Mpa and residual humidity is less than 0.2%, suitable for miscellaneous instrument and surgical dressing
4. 3 pre-set ,1- customized sterilization program. With three optional temperature of 115℃/121℃/134℃, the sterilization time and vacuum time can be adjusted by manual
5. Microprocessor controlled. Malfunction detection system, corresponding error code will be showed on the display once there’s something goes wrong
6. Having passed B/D test, the leak rate of vacuum is less than 0.13Kpa/min
7. With external water filter, it is convenient for daily maintenance
8. Double safety locking device; An automatic safety shut off for self-protection in case of excessive temperature and pressure; Computer Real-Time Monitor and Control for the working process
9. Main parts of origin

  • Vacuum pump ------------Made in China
  • Pressure sensors ------------Made in USA
  • Temperature sensor---------- Made in USA
  • Water pump and solenoid valve --------- Made in Italy
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